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Blackshot Official FAQ by Hitokiri

Q1: How can I delete characters in BlackShot Online?
A 1: You can't.
A 2: Alternatively, you can create second character within the same account. 
A 3: You can reset your name and score points via in-game Premium items.

Q2: What is the difference between Garena BlackShot Online,Outspark BlackShot and twowar.com?
A 1: Outspark has the license for US and twowar.com has the license for Europe, hence they will be the one publishing the game to US/EU players. Garena BlackShot Online is catered for South East Asia players and others residing outside of US/EU.
A 2: Garena BlackShot Online is now the latest version and commercialized. Outspark will launch at a later stage. However, their version should not differ too much from ours.
A 3: It is currently not allowed/possible for U.S/EU players to play in Garena version.

Q3: When a hacker cheats in BlackShot Online, will he/she be banned?
A 1: Yes. So please don't cheat!
A 2: The ban is on Blackshot + Garena account. For more information, please read http://forum.blackshot.garena.com/sh...l-with-hackers
A 3: To "revive", you need GGS (GG Shell) to buy the unban card.

Q4:Can I pick-up Grenade on the floor? If yes, how?
A 1: Yes. You must equipped with "Extra Grenade slot" and clear all Grenade before you can pick up any.
A 2: To get "Extra Grenade Slot", you need to purchase it from the Shop using BP.

Q5: My account got hacked, What can I do?
A: You can send us an email at http://support.garena.com/support/email/ with your IGN, Garena UID, the verified email and any recent GS purchase reciept and please read http://forum.blackshot.garena.com/sh...rname-Password! for better protection to your account! Alternatively, do read up http://forum.blackshot.garena.com/sh...osting-Updated for more ways to retrieve your account.

Q6: Why can't I leave the clan? / Why can't I kick a member out of my clan?
A: There will be a penalty for leaving clan:
- As a clan member, it will cost you 6,000 BP if you should leave the clan. 
- As a clan master, it will cost you 6,000 BP if you dismiss a clan member. 
- No cost will incurred to clan master if a member choose to leave the clan. 
- No cost will incurred to the member if the clan master choose to dismiss you from clan.

Q7: What is a Garena UID that some people are asking me to provide for the moderators and how can I find them?
A1: A Garena UID is a unique number given to registered Garena account. The Image below shows you how you can find your Garena UID.

*Image credits to EldonChew*

Q8: Why is my shell displayed as 0 in BlackShot?
A1: Sometimes when billing server has problem, you cannot purchase any item and the shell amount is displayed as 0. It is a temporary display issue. You can always log in http://account.garena.com to check your amount. Thanks.
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